About Us

COONATRAMAR R. L., its a marine enterprise that have worked for more than 28 years, transporting, efficently and safetly, passengers and vehicles from the Golfo de Nicoya. All this due to our extremely qualified staff; also, we have an excellent record all over this years.

We are a reponsible company who respects the international code of security. By being a cooperative, we have the philosophy of growing with the ones around us, because of that, the benefits of the company are not only for the owners or members, but also for the community because we contribute with the turistic development of the region.


To offer a convenient, safe and efficient Service of Marine Transportation and Coastal Trading / Navigation, plus the cuality for the user and the business culture focused on the pleasure of the passengers on the trip.


COONATRAMAR R.L., as a cooperative that is self managed, it attepts to become the most important mean of public transportation of Coastal Trading / Navigation and related services of the Central Pacific Region. always trying to help on the development of the areas where it serves and the constant well-being of its members.

Frequently questions

The schedules can change?

No, our schedules are permanent. There are any changes we will publish on the website.

What are your holidays day?

We work every day of the year except Good Friday, which varies every year.

The ferries are used in the tours?

The island tours are conducted in small boats, leased by the company.
The only tour where you use any of the ferries is the tour to Isla del Coco.